tia grew up traveling. Her family followed her father’s Civil Engineering career to multiple countries until her parents decided to return to Pakistan to be closer to family. Growing up with a mother who was a teacher and a father who loved science, it was perhaps inevitable that her career has led her to teach in an institute of technology.

(yes, she loves cake)

Atia began her career as the first woman 3D animator (credited as Atia Quadri) on movies, TV series, commercials, and also shipped a AAA game, Dungeon Lords before moving to New York City. Here, she earned her MFA in Animation from Pratt Institute and freelanced until she was offered a teaching position at Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

Atia’s earliest projects taught her the irresistible power of the animated medium and how it can influence the thinking of generations to come. Thus, holding to the motto of “with great power comes great responsibility”, she has aimed to focus her teaching and her art towards creating a more harmonious and understanding world-view for her audiences.

She is currently an Associate Professor at R.I.T. at the School of Film and Animation in Rochester, New York where she can enjoy doing what she loves and use animation to make the world a better place.

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