Taking This Show On The Road!

Taking This Show On The Road!

As the semester begins to wind down, my research starts to kick back up into movement. Isn’t that always the case?

Well, I’m pleased to announce: this week I got to present The Lahore Fort Digital Preservation Project at two different venues!

The first was to a cohort of Museum Science students in Dr. Juilee Decker’s classroom.

The second was at the 6th Frameless XR Symposium at RIT!

After giving these talks, I have realized a few things:

First, I need to refresh my public-speaking skills… spending a year+ in pandemic isolation has really affected my level of comfort in front of big crowds.

Second, despite spending almost 11 years as an educator, my style of address is still distinctly more “art” than “academic”. I blame this on the fact that my medium of communication is art, not words. Also, having learned English as a second language, I don’t always understand the gobbledygooked nuance of academic jargon.

It doesn’t matter. Adaptability is a special skill that children of migrants develop young. I get better each time!