Commander Safeguard Lives!

Commander Safeguard Lives!

In this age of COVID-19, I suddenly remembered the commercial animated series, Commander Safeguard. He taught children (and adults) about the importance of hand-washing, and made people understand that even though germs were invisible, they could still wreak a lot of havoc in our lives.

It has been years since I have been a part of this team, but seeing this reminds me of his very humble beginnings. The first script for this show languished for years in the desk of an ad agency. I was given the outline when I was interning with them and, being the comic-enthusiast that I am, could not resist putting together the earliest designs for his look.

His design passed through many iterations, and apparently quite a few committee approvals. Nevertheless, this is what came of it.
I did not have a hand in his final design, but I did enjoy getting to animate the living daylights out of him!

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