Diversity in Gaming Panel

Diversity in Gaming Panel

Hosted by UNC Charlotte’s Atkins Library and faculty from the College of Arts + Architecture and College of Computing and Informatics.
This event was made possible with a grant from UNC Charlotte’s Chancellor’s Diversity Challenge Fund.

Invited Panelists:

Latoya Peterson, Glow Up Games, CXO/Co-Founder
Tara Mustapha, Code Coven, CEO and Founder
Eve Crevoshay, Take This, Executive Director
Mark Barlet, AbleGamers Charity, Founder
Atia Newman, Rochester Institute of Technology, Associate Professor
Mark Reisch, Rochester Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor

This panel was an exploration of the issues that plague the game industry today, and the kinds of research and movements that are growing to meet these challenges head on.

My most notable phrase of this event was “You can’t Google Authenticity”, which is honestly one of the most difficult things to remember during a production cycle.

Follow this diverse group of creators (and gamers) in their journey as they strive to make this industry more inclusive and more impactful on a global scale.

Questions? Contact the Diversity in Gaming organizers:
Julio César Bahamón (Computer Science) – jbahamon@uncc.edu
Beth Caruso (Atkins Library) – Beth.Caruso@uncc.edu
Tiffany Davis (Atkins Library) – tdavi186@uncc.edu
Heather D. Freeman (Art & Art History) – heatherfreeman@uncc.edu
Christin Lampkowski (Atkins Library) – clampkow@uncc.edu

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