Fear the Mascot: Ribbon Spine

Fear the Mascot: Ribbon Spine

Every year, my intro to 3D modeling class directs the creation of a hybridized character as we explore how to model organic creatures. After about 5 years of classes, I seem to have built up quite a collection of petrifying creatures that should really never be seen in real life!

This year’s class mascot, Fear ended up being a big hit. With the head of a snake, the forelegs of a goat, the hind legs of a cat and the tail of a raccoon with some added dinosaur spine ridges thrown in just for fun, Fear is surprisingly quite a handsome creature!

Being UV mapped and posed by the end of the semester, I found him to be the perfect candidate to test out a few simple rigging techniques on, my focus here being the ribbon spine. I may revisit the rig later to add in a reverse FK spine too, but that depends on whether a new favorite mascot emerges! See a small demo below!

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