First Impressions

First Impressions

Ah! Blender.

Okay, so I’ve been looking at Blender for a week or so. Doing nothing major, just finding tools, discovering features and watching tutorials.

The first thing I discovered: it was a big mistake to choose “industry” settings for short keys, because it seems to remove just about every short key that is not universally known across other 3D software.

So, while I have basic navigation, basic tools and access to component modes, etc, there is no good way to access things like “last tool used” and “repeat last action”. And here’s the kicker: undo is ctrl+z, not just z.

Otherwise, the modeling layout is not too difficult to manage. My modeling time doubled from the lack of short keys, and was further compounded by the ctrl+z issue (hey, it really throws you off!).

Ironically, that was when watching tutorials really blew my Maya-modeling mind away. There are way more “tricks” and tools to help model objects than in Maya. Oh, I know, Maya has been prettying up the modeling process for years, but it’s not Maya’s real concern in life, and sadly, it shows.

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