GDC 2022

GDC 2022

Somewhere late in 2021, I was on a “search-apply-receive rejection” roll as I continued to develop the Lahore Fort Project. As I became more comfortable with my rejections, I became braver and started applying to more competitive awards and opportunities too.

Enter: my application to this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, commonly referred to as the GDC. And if you do not already know what the GDC is, here is a short description.

Literally, biggest Gaming Conference around. In order to qualify to be a part of this event, you have to submit to a multi-stage peer review process, and your reviewers are going to be straight-up Gaming Pros who are insanely smart and at the top of their fields.

Knowing all of this, I felt quite safe applying to present the Lahore Fort. I figured I’d have two or three rejections before actually catching anyone’s attention.



And I’m actually writing this post months after the actual event, so believe me, the shock LASTED quite a while!

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