Modeling and Shading

Modeling and Shading

Practice is essential in the process of learning a new software. Now that I’ve been working in Blender more regularly, I am finding it easier to think like the software needs me to, and my internal Maya rumblings are being pushed further out of focus, so I can create with fewer hiccups.

There are still a few things I’m having trouble with, and I assume a lot of this is because I don’t feel fully acquainted with Blender yet. The biggest questions for me are: why can’t we find construction history on objects? Or modify them once we’ve clicked away from the initial creation? And! Why are we okay leaving massive ngons sitting around on these objects??

But! The nice thing about each of these tutorials is that we do get a good look at how powerful and effective Blender’s tools are. Maya would never allow me to set up a volume density for a fluid effect without creating all manner of rendering trauma, and this was a super easy process here.
That, plus the fact that I could use particles to create sprinkles on the donut makes me really glad to be following this tutorial series.

Yesterday’s final result was quick and very fun. And even though there is more to go, I can see how manageable this would make a production… as long as you know what you’re doing!
A little bit of condesation added to make it look like the coffee has cooled. PS, I drink my coffee hot!

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