Naulakha: Lahore Fort

Naulakha: Lahore Fort

Making this Fort is an ambitious project, especially since the buildings within span the tastes of four generations of Mughal Emperors.

I don’t know what possessed me to try to make the Naulakha (or the Queen’s Pavillion). Maybe it’s because this is one of the smallest monuments in this Fort, or maybe because I had the most pictures of it from my former research. Either way, I jumped into making it and have been editing it for a month to make it feel right.

Finally though, I feel like I’m making a breakthrough. First, I started making sense of the patterns, then I spent ages fiddling with the proportions of the building to make it sit better. And, because I need to keep modeling in Blender to really build that muscle-memory, I added in some rough side-buildings too. (No arches or pillars in those yet, I’m still making really ugly ones!)

I found this image online and have been referencing it to see where the patterns go.

Now, please be kind about the patterns and stuff, all of this is taking me way longer than normal! But, as I said, I’m taking today’s progress as a win!

This is where I was a month ago…
The first render once I applied the latest textures… no real lighting in the scene.

And finally…

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