Pre-production Ideas/Concepts

Pre-production Ideas/Concepts

It makes no sense to learn a program or build a new workflow without first creating an idea that you want to implement it on. After all, a theory is no good unless it has been tested and proven in some way. And what better way to establish a good workflow than to throw it into the deep end?

I’ve been playing around with ideas of your typical desi (it’s a real term) women and seeing what I can create and how I can possibly stylize them. These are early concepts, so I doubt they’ll actually exist in this exact form, however, I do want to explore this style for some future idea.

Naturally, creating a natural habitat for them has been fun too, especially because I get to be all nostalgic about my old haunts during my school years. This is something I loved about my teens, nobody seemed to care where we went as long as we came back safe and sound. Maybe it’s like those memes about how 80’s parents never cared about their kids, and now we can’t get away from helicopter parents. But I’d like to think that life could get there again. After all, neighborhoods are created by people, and if we work to make our neighborhoods safe, then why wouldn’t our kids find fun places to go hang out, drink some chai and shoot the breeze with friends?

Not any specific location, but every Karachiite on the planet should have a moment of nostalgia looking at this drawing. All that’s missing is a stray cat and some guy handing out tea.

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