The ’65 War, and The Green Army

The ’65 War, and The Green Army

I’ve been finding art from my student days, and it is really interesting to see my ideas after so many years.

Take, for example, the idea I had for my BFA Thesis. I wanted to make a David and Goliath story, so I picked the real-life example of the Pak-India war of ’65.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: there was no war! It was a skirmish, and PS, Pakistan LOST! Well, sorry! But that is total hogwash! Everything you read about this war has been altered to fit a different idea, and having us win would not help.

As an art student in Lahore in 2000, I happened to spark a conversation with my local art supply store owner, who had been a teenager at the time of the war. And, as it happened, my grandfather was Joint-Secretary of Defense at the time, and as such, my own family members became an incredibly rich source of information about that war.

I was so interested to hear about this war, I spoke to a number of locals in Lahore as well as my own family, and other adults who had been witness to the events of 1965. And then I decided to base my thesis on this research.

In hindsight, I think I could have made a cool historical project and simulated a war-time propaganda campaign. But I was 20, and getting increasingly obsessed with the idea of becoming an animator, or some kind of graphic artist.

I created a Disney movie concept, and used that as the basis for a movie ad-campaign. It wasn’t the best, but it was chockful of research!

A mysterious green-clad army saves a small village under attack

I blurred out the Walt Disney logo, just in case anyone takes offense!

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